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CFEC 2008    CFEC 2008

The CFEC offers riding lessons on your own horse, or one of their school horses.
Dressage, Huntseat, Jumping and Vaulting are taught with an emphasis on correct position and proper aids according to your interest and need.

Lesson fees:
Starter Lesson Package 6 private lessons approx. 1 hour in length, 2 or 3x/week includes instruction on basic horse handling, grooming and tacking. $210
Ages 13 and under $25/30 Minutes on your horse $100/month for weekly lessons
Ages 13 and under $35/30 minutes on CFEC Lesson Horse $140/monthly for weekly lessons
Ages 14 and over & trailered in horses $35/45 minutes on your horse $140/month for weekly lessons $100/month for 2nd weekly lesson (total of $240)
Ages 14 and over and all Vaulting lessons $50/45 minutes on CFEC Lesson Horse $200/month for weekly lessons $140/month for 2nd weekly lesson (total of $340)

Group Vaulting is $20, contact CFEC for times.
CFEC 2009
An ASTM approved equestrian helmet is required.
Helmets are available for rent at the CFEC for $5/lesson or one may be purchased at a local tack shop.
Also required are hard soled, heeled shoes (paddock boots or rubber riding boots are recommended) and long pants. Vaulters do not wear helmets for safety reasons and must wear a soft soled shoe with no heel and tight fitting clothes to avoid catching on equipment.

CFEC 2009    CFEC 2009


The CFEC provides only the best full care boarding. This includes stalls, daily turnout, feed and use of the facility.
Training in Dressage, Huntseat, and Jumping is offered for young horses as well as for reschooling the aged horse using classical methods that are adapted to work with each individual personality.

CFEC 2000 CFEC 2000 Rates:
  • We do not offer Boarding only. Lessons/Training are interchangeable but must be requested by owner ahead of time, except for horses boarded exclusively for Training. We will do our best to reschedule missed lessons if advance notice is given, there is no refund for lessons that cannot be rescheduled.
  • Full Training - $900/month (3-5 rides/week, includes board)
  • Lessons & Training - $650/month (1 lesson or ride/week, includes board)
  • Extra Lessons/Training are discounted to $100/month if paid in advance.
  • Trailer in Open riding - $15/(rider/horse combo)/hour for non-boarders
  • Coaching - $50/day plus travel expenses